10 Best Music Production Software for Mac


Making good music on your Mac is something that you will love to do. You can enjoy the power of your Mac to create and compose music.

However, you need to confirm that you use the best Mac music production software to get the job done.

Here are ten such outstanding music production software applications available for Mac owners.

Please look at these software applications and start using the best one per your preferences.

Best Mac Music Production Software

1 GarageBand 10

GarageBand 10

GarageBand 10 is assuredly the best Mac music production software that gives you a comprehensive music creation studio with this software’s help.

It will provide you uninterrupted access to an extensive sound library. You can get presets for voice and guitar in this sound library, numerous musical instruments, and sessions with percussionists and drummers.

If you are using a MacBook Pro, you can use the touch bar to get the best music creation experience offered along with GarageBand 10.


  1. Powerful synths with shape‑shifting controls.
  2. Create and mix up to 255 audio tracks.
  3. Record as many takes as you like.
  4. Use Flex Time to drag them into place. You can also select one track as your Groove Track and make the others fall in line for a super-tight rhythm.
  5. Capture your changes in real-time by adjusting any of your software instruments’ Smart Controls while recording a performance.
  6. Easy to choose from 40 different genre-based lessons.
  7. Play along with any lesson, and GarageBand will listen in real-time and tell you how you’re doing, note for note.

Download GarageBand 10

2 Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is a creative and powerful music creation software available for all Mac users to try. It comes with many innovative features of this Mac music production software.

For example, you can get live loops, introducing a new way to create and improvise. While using Logic Pro X, you can even transform the sounds into musical instruments.

Building melodic patterns and drum beats is something that you can quickly do with this tool’s help.


  1. Live Loops.
  2. Transform sounds into instruments with a sampler and quick sampler.
  3. Build your beats, melodies, and effects automation with the Step Sequence editor.
  4. Use Drum Machine Designer to build custom drum kits.
  5. Control and manage music-making sessions from any iOS device with a logic remote.
  6. Bring DJ-style effects and transitions with Remix FX.
  7. Drum synth – A powerful but easy-to-use plugin that creates synthesized drum sounds.
  8. Easy to record, edit, and manipulate MIDI performances.
  9. Smart Tempo
  10. Flex Time & Pitch
  11. Music Notation

Download  Logic Pro X

3 PreSonus Studio One 5

PreSonus Studio One 5

PreSonus Studio One 5 is a music creation and editing software that will allow you to extend your boundaries with music creation.

It offers some advanced music editing capabilities. You can use Studio One and easily switch between the different time-stretching modes.

Along with that, you can get the ideal effects you prefer to get.


  1. Provide Support for 64-Bit floating-point WAV format
  2. Acoustic Drum kits and loops
  3. Advanced Audio Editing & Grouping
  4. Ampire
  5. ARA 2.0 Support
  6. Arpeggiator
  7. Arranger Track
  8. Key switch editing
  9. Audio Batch converter
  10. Autofilter
  11. and many more.

Download PreSonus Studio One 5

4 Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10

If your primary objective of getting the best Mac music production software is to record songs, you should download Ableton Live 10.

It gives flexible features for the people who proceed with recording songs. You will be able to improvise the songs that you record with new ideas.

On top of that, Ableton Live 10 provides you with different sounds, instruments, and effects to record a perfect song.


  1. Shape your sound with effects.
  2. Multiple MIDI clip editing.
  3. Create and arrange more fluidly.
  4. Easy to create groups within groups.
  5. It was freezing tracks that contain sidechain routing.

Download Ableton Live 10

5 Cubase Elements 10.5

Cubase Elements 10.5

While using Cubase Elements 10.5, you will be able to get creative with your music production work.

It is a complete music editing tool, and you will never come across the need to use any other tool to get your production work done.

On top of that, you can think about calling Cubase Elements 10.5 an excellent music production tool available for beginners to use.


  1. Channel Strip.
  2. Compose music quickly and creatively with chord pads.
  3. Cubase’s MixConsole.
  4. Sampler Track.
  5. MediaBay helps you to find and organize your content.
  6. Support for ARA (Audio random access).
  7. Combined Select Tool.
  8. Workspaces.
  9. Export your audio, FX, groups, instruments, MIDI, and video tracks as track archives for import.
  10. Key and Drum Editor
  11. MPE support
  12. Chord editing section

Download Cubase Elements 10.5

6 Reason 11 Intro

Reason 11 Intro

You can call Reason 11 the best Mac music production software for numerous reasons.

For example, it provides you with 16 MIDI tracks and 33 instruments, and special effects. You can use these to create fantastic music in the comfort of your home.

There are many useful plugins available with Reason 11, which you can use to enhance the experience offered by this tool.


  1. VST plugin support
  2. It opens songs and synth patches made in Reason Compact
  3. Realtime time-stretch & audio transpose
  4. Pitch Edit mode for polishing your vocal recordings
  5. Audio slicing and audio quantize
  6. Live sampling on all Sampler devices

Download Reason 11 intro

7 Audacity


Audacity is quite a popular Mac music production software. It offers an audio editor, and you will not be able to get any video editing capabilities.

You can use the user-friendly interface provided by Audacity to master music. If you are looking for perfect audio tracks to put on into these videos that you create, you can think about seeking help from Audacity.


  1. Import, edit and combine sound files.
  2. Export your recordings in many different file formats
  3. Support 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit.
  4. Easy editing with Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete.

Download Audacity

8 Reaper 6

Reaper 6

Reaper 6 is providing you with access to a complete music editing workspace. The best thing about this workspace is that it provides numerous flexible features.

On the other hand, it offers immense shortcuts, which you can use to get work done within a short period. The mixer is ideal for professional mixing purposes for engaging in the project.


  1. Use effects plugins right from the tracks/mixer view.
  2. Powerful routing/patching
  3. Auto stretch audio

Download Reaper 6

9 MuLab 8

MuLab 8

MuLab is another comprehensive music editing studio available for Mac users to consider. While using MuLab, you will have the freedom to create and record your music.

On the other hand, you can even edit them with the rich features offered along with the interface. Some of the innovative features provided along with MuLab include the ability to do creative time stretching and pitch shifting.


  1. Create, record, edit, and play multi-track audio & music.
  2. Supports creative time stretching & pitch shifting

Download Mulab 8

10 Ardour


Ardour is a software offering recording, editing, and mixing capabilities on your Mac. There is a friendly but powerful audio interface available for you to get all the work done.

The editing features that come along with this tool are outstanding. They will help you stretch, move, cut, delete, paste, copy, trim, and align.

Download Ardour

If you are a professional audio or video editor, use these editing apps to get the best results.

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