Mveleopes – online home budgeting system

Mvelopes is an online personal finance, spending management and home budgeting system. user can use this software for the easy and efficient management of personal finances and create an online budget for home.

It uses the latest and most innovative software technology to help you in your task of managing your financial affairs. In order to use this software you will have to create an account on the Mvelopes website.

Mvelopes is a software product that adopts a proactive approach to spending management. It is different from all other kinds of spending management programs.

Whether you are doing money management for your personal or family budget Mvelopes will help you achieve financial freedom.

If you have stable access to the internet from your mobile phone or computer you will be able to use this software very easily.

By using this software you will be able to get the best spending and financial advice and will be able to make well informed decisions with regard to your finances.

The Mvelopes software is compatible with all kinds of operating systems.

Features of Mveleopes

  1. Good Security Options : It use SSL encryption to secure your data like the trading firms and the online banks. Consequently it provides you with the highest possible level of security. You do not have to worry about your financial information be retrieved by unknown entities if you use the Mvelopes software. You will be provided with a very secure user name as well as password. The mvelopes software product is characterized by data security audits and web servers that are firewall protected.
  2. Compatible with All platform : You will be able to run the Mvelopes software on just about any kind of personal computer. So it does not matter really whether you are using a Mac computer or a personal computer. The Mvelopes software is capable of running seamlessly on most of the internet browsers. You will be able to log into the Mvelopes website even through your mobile phone device.
  3. Supports Several Financial Institutions : Mvelopes supports as many as 1400 financial institutions. Some of the well known financial institutions that are supported by Mvelopes are the Bank of America, ING, US Bank and CHASE.
  4. Automatic Transaction Retrieval : One of the most beneficial features of the Mvelopes software product is the automatic transaction retrieval. You will be able to use the setup wizard for adding all your accounts. After that the software will automatically retrieve your new transactions every day. So you will find your transactions all together in one place when you log in.
  5. Net Worth Tracking : Net worth tracking is also a vital feature of the Mvelopes software. You will be able to monitor your accounts quite effortlessly with internet access. Your stocks, loans, nutual funds, savings and credits will all be tracked automatically by the Mvelopes software.

Thus, the Mvelopes software product is a really useful product online that you can use for the easy and efficient management of your finances and expenditure.

Download : Mvelopes – online envelope money management solution