MyWebSql – Web based WYSIWYG MySQL client

MyWebSql is an web based open source WYSIWYG frontend (client) for MySQL databases. It is written in PHP, and uses JavaScript for its client side functionality.

It has an simple Ajax based user interface where user can control views, stored procedures, triggers and functions. It also comes with a syntax highlighting rich-text SQL editor to run queries on their database using a simple interface (the last-run query is shown automatically which is a nice reminder).

Features of MyWebSql

  1. Fast querying and editing on MySQL databases
  2. Fast, intuitive, developer friendly user interface to save time spent on queries and working with results
  3. WYSIWYG editing of MySQL tables
  4. Multiple themes support
  5. Easy to deploy
  6. Syntax highlighting rich text SQL editor
  7. Process Manager
  8. Batch file import
  9. Export complete database / tables / query results to a batch file
  10. It’s an Open source project release under GNU General Public License (GPL)

Download : MyWebSql