Navicat for SQLite – Database administration and development tool for SQLite

Navicat for SQLite is a SQLite developing and database administering tool that works with versions-SQLite2 and SQLite3. The application provides the professional developers with plenty of tools and features, and includes most of SQLite features and options, like, view, Trigger and Index.

Navicat for SQLite is a very useful tool to develop and manage SQLite database. Navicat’s easy to use and easy to navigate GUI (Graphical User Interface) helps the user to build, organize, edit, share or access information and data easily.

The application is available for three Operating Systems or platforms- Linux, Windows and MAC OS X. Navicat for SQLite connects the users of this application with a remote SQLite Database so that the user can import, export or share information, obtain reports, synchronize database and help in maintaining it.

Features of Navicat for SQLite

  1. Helps in building, maintaining and administering database- The application helps in developing, maintaining and administering database for SQLite.
  2. Supports common SQLite Features- Navicat for SQLite supports common SQLite tools and features like View, Index, Trigger, etc..
  3. Sophisticated features- Navicat for SQLite is equipped with sophisticated features so that the users can get exactly what they want.
  4. Easy data Synchronization- Navicat for SQLite makes data synchronization easy and improves the system performance. Unlike its early versions, the application has reduced the memory overload when a large database is synchronized.
  5. Connection coloring feature- The connection coloring feature of the application informs you about the server you are connected with. The color strip indicator indicates the connections and displays it on a sub-window toolbar. You can even customize the colors and set them according to your choice.
  6. Easy to form, arrange, share and access information- The application is a wonderful tool to form, arrange, share and access information easily and in a hassle free way.
  7. Compatible with many platforms- The application is compatible with many commonly used platforms. Currently, it is available for three OS- Windows, Linux and MAC OS X.
  8. Able to copy information to clipboard- The application enables the user to copy connect in clipboard.
  9. Remote SQLite database connectivity- Navicat for SQLite gets connected with local or remote SQLite database and provides many privileges like, importing, exporting or sharing information, obtaining reports, synchronizing database and help in maintaining it.
  10. Easy to attach or detach databases- Navicat for SQLite makes it easy to attach or detach databases on any platform.
  11. Visual Query builder- The visual query builder helps the user to build complex queries easily using this application.
  12. Easy to learn- The application is quite easy to learn and also provides an online manual which guides the user step-by-step on how to use it.
  13. 30-day free trial- Navicat for SQLite is available free for 30-days trial and afterwards, can be purchased as a package on a nominal charge.

Navicat for SQLite is a great tool to administer databases and to create SQL queries. It is a very useful tool for the software developers, professionals and programmers and gives them an ease to work on a secured way.

Download : Navicat for SQLite