Nicereply – Email Reply Tracking tool

Nicereply assists you personally in transforming your emails communication into customer satisfaction and feedback center. Nicereply makes communication through emails easier and attracts more feedback from customers. It enables your customers to rate your mails and also post comments on them. It is becoming very popular among the customer relations departments of various companies. Nicereply is a great option to make email communication simple and productive.

Using Nicereply is very easy. You just need to include a link to all your mails. Customers can review your mails and rate them on the page by clicking the link. You can view the results by simply logging in to Nicereply. You can see how your co-workers are performing, your agents rank your mails and read through relevant feedback from customers. It allows you to make improvements to your emails so that they are useful in attracting more customers. You can also make improvements in your products which do not satisfy the customers.

Nicereply does not require any technical expertise to handle it. You just need to copy and paste the required link. You can use Nicereply for 30 days and if you are satisfied with its functionalities you can opt for a paid version. There are three packages which cost from $49 to $499 a month. The number of agents allowed also varies from five to unlimited. You can change your plan anytime you want to. Payments are to be made online through PayPal. The best plan for you depends on the number of responses you get to your emails.

Features of Nicereply

  1. You can concentrate on your customers’ needs and requirements. Since it is their opinion you are seeking for you can work on areas which they are not satisfied with.
  2. It does not require downloading or installation of any software on your computer. Thus it does not slow your computer or occupy your disk space.
  3. You can encourage your staff to perform better. You can identify the best performer. Each worker can assess himself and make an effort to achieve better ratings.
  4. Nicereply allows incorporation into a virtual ticketing system. It is flexible in nature.
  5. Nicereply supports multiple languages. You can customize your review page according to your choice. The page must suit your business interests and attract more viewers to post comments.
  6. The data entered through reviews and ratings are depicted as statistical data. You can draw inference easily from these data about the performance of your company in details.
  7. Nicereply hosts an excellent API for holding widgets, maintaining documents and examples. These examples and documents help you to learn how to apply Nicereply data on your work.

Nicereply is the perfect solution to optimize responses from your customers. It draws more customers to review your services. It enables you to work on improving your services. It is a quick and smooth way to set up an email feed back system. Nicereply guarantees the best results. It ensures complete satisfaction of its users.

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