OpenEdit – JAVA based open source CMS Framework

OpenEdit is a JAVA based open source CMS Framework that allow java programmer to build powerful, yet lightweight web applications. it’s an open source project which provides freedom on setting up your systems as you wish and freedom in the long term.

It allows incredible amounts of reuse and flexibility. Using Fallback and Folders OpenEdit allows a more object-orientated approach to web development. OpenEdit supports fast deployments of hundreds of web sites within a single web server and built from the ground up with Velocity, OpenEdit Framework uses Spring for Java objects and actions. Uses an XML based architecture, however – OpenEdit also has a Pluggable Database Storage module using Hibernate, if your preferred application requires a database.

Due to having a file based approach. OpenEdit is more reliable and much more easier to backup and copy applications among servers such as DEV QA and Production. It includes online editing, dynamic layouts, spell check, user manager, file manager, version control and notification tools. Ecommerce tools include online catalog manager, shopping cart, electronic payments, presentation tools and advanced product search with no database required. Blog includes online administration, comments, registration and RSS/Atom engine.

Download : OpenEdit Framework SDK