openfaces – Ajax-powered JSF components for Creating UI for Web Apps

OpenFaces is an open source JSF library that provides an extended set of AJAX-powered JSF components for creating User Interface for web apps. It totally based on the set of JSF components formerly known as QuipuKit. It contains fully revised codebase of QuipuKit and introduces many new components and features.

The component suite of OpenFaces includes both visual and auxiliary non-visual components that give you more control over your Web application usability. Here is a complete list of JSF components which Openfaces offer: Calendar, Chart, Confirmation, Data Table, Date Chooser, Dynamic Image, Folding Panel, Graphic Text, Hint Label, Popup Layer, Suggestion Field, Tab Set, Tabbed Pane, Tree Table, Two List Selection, Utility Components (Focus, Scroll Position, Load Bundle).

The OpenFaces validation framework provides full and explicit support for client-side validation lacking in JSF framework. It use server-side validation logic of standard JSF validators to the client side and provides additional validators and messages allowing you to validate a broader range of data with minimum server roundtrips. You can easily customize what, when, and where to validate in a fine-grained way, fulfilling the most specific needs of your application and enhancing user experience.

Features of Openfaces:

  1. Advanced Ajax-powered JSF components
  2. Easy to use Ajax framework
  3. Client-side validation framework with custom validators
  4. Rich and flexible CSS-based styling
  5. Enhanced end-user experience
  6. Open-source project

Visit: OpenFaces

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