OSCload 2.0 Oscommerce – Ecommerce Software and Shopping Cart solution for Joomla

OsCommerce has been a source of reliability for a large people including the store-owners, service-providers etc. who earn their livelihood through online businesses. The OsCommerce Online shopping cart has been playing a very significant role in the increasing sales now-a-days.

Oscommerce is an Open Source software that provides a solution to facilitate online shopping. The use of this facility is granting the owners the right to set-up their own shops online at almost free of cost. There is no extra charge or cost required for maintaining these shops. The shortcomings of this feature are enlisted to be very few and so its potentiality of usage is increasing day-by-day.

It’s an very powerful e-commerce script that is fully compatible with Joomla. It provides an open-source connection via which allows the establishment of a link or relation with several other Joomla open source. Various services are offered with Zone Alta which allows the direct installation of Oscload onto our server hereby ensuring that it is an e-commerce site.

Features of OSCload 2.0 oscommerce

  1. Customizing Graphics / Design :  
    • BTS simple template systems – contribution to customize his shop just as the joomla CMS.
    • User can activate /deactivate Several boxes at the same time.
    • The design can be easily modified, the availability of several other style sheet for customization.
    • New Design provide improved customization
  2. SEO functions :
    • Re-writing is an advanced feature of this technique where certain links can be re-written all over again.
    • You can put tags for almost any browser.
    • The products are displayed in totality in the bottom of the page.
    • Code shop is easily Optimized
    • Flux RSS driven, i.e, it allows modules to be displayed in suitable sites where the best view is available.
  3. Client Serving Functions :
    • With the help of Ajax jQuery, user can easily add Zooming and Ajax Pop Up functionality for product Display
    • Advanced Cache provide improved speed of loading and hence the work is completed in less span of time.
    • Several views are added with the help of new modules
    • Sponsorship is an aspect of this type where you can sponsor anyone, even your friends.
    • Product are returnable if they fail to satisfy the end-users.
    • New Listing – with the help of customized views and JavaScript is possible.
    • New Ajax basket provides a clear display with no issue or problem related to its understandability.
    • Easy to reload the pages as per your necessity with the help of Easy Ajax
    • Certain in-formations are displayed using additional information, guest reviews etc., thereby adding several items along-with the existing data-sheet.
    • Social networking can also be added as an additional feature in this method including twitter, Facebook.
    • Certain criteria’s are provided on whose basis you can search or sort your existing data-sheet.
    • The latest search engine is available in this technique.
    • CMS Joomla is used for displaying the articles..
  4. Back office / Administrative features
  • New designs are available that makes it more fascinating.
  • Menus can laid out all over again in a new style.
  • Export and Import facilities facilitate the exchange of information.

Thus OSCload 2.0 Oscommerce is the new expert in the block and you should buy it for the improvement of your organization.

Download : OSCload Oscommerce 2.0