PandaForm- simple online business form builder

PandaForm is the perfect solution for creating forms online. It is a simple online business form builder and very versatile in nature which helps you to create different types of forms. You can also share them over the Internet. It does not require heavy investment. It is ideal for freelancers, small business, schools, NGOs and media agencies. Several frontrunners in business are also using PandaForm all over the world. The easy to use features of PandaForm have added to its growing popularity around the globe. You can also organize your data using this software. All the data submitted through the forms are stored with PandaForm.

PandaForm helps you to create forms online. You can also coordinate your contacts in an effortless manner. You can share information stored in databases with your contacts and also attach forms to your emails. PandaForm allows you to accept payment through the PayPal payment gateway. PandaForm also allows you to keep track of the responses received to your forms. These data are regularly updated and maintained with PandaForm servers. There are three paid versions of PandaForm. They range between $29 and $159 a month. These come with SSL encryption for the secured maintenance of your data. Depending upon your plan you are allowed to store upto 100GB of data with PandaForm. It has an active support base. You can seek for help from here if you require any assistance regarding the functionalities of PandaForm.

Features of PandaForm

  1. The simple Drag and Drop method helps you to create various type of forms. You can give it the look you want to and add options according to your requirement.
  2. You can share your forms by adding a link to your web pages or send them as attachments to your mails. You can also link them to your Facebook fan page.
  3. Data submitted with your forms are assembled in a database. You can efficiently manage the data and share it online with just few mouse clicks using PandaForm.
  4. The relevant information collected from your forms can be incorporated directly to your customer information databases. PandaForm helps you to track your customer’s history.
  5. If you want to modify outdated information on a form. You can invite your customers to view the form that was submitted previously and they can edit the required fields.
  6. You can integrate your forms on your Facebook fan page. This helps you to receive instant feedbacks and sale leads. You can also increase the number of registered guests.
  7. You can work on your forms as a team using PandaForm and define the standards for reviewing the forms to your colleagues.
  8. You can export all your data as a webpage, CSV files for Excel or as Google spreadsheets. You can also import data from Excel files.
  9. PandaForm has a formula options that lets you do various calculations pertaining to your business.

PandaForm is an excellent software for managing online forms. It delivers the best results. It ensures total satisfaction among users.

Download : Pandaform simple business form builder