– Create beautiful text based pages

The simplest yet elegant way of publishing a text web page is achieved with the application. It takes only a few seconds for the users to create their web-page. The content of the pages may vary from poems to prose from tutorials to basics and even to e-books.The page of can be easily shared that requires the sub-domain name of it and their selection.

No specific code is required for updating the content of the page. Only the starting page of needs to be clicked by the user be it the title or the body and entries or updates can be made from their only. The user can make any necessary changes onto the page depending upon the user’s wish.

You can not only edit your page but also can enter videos of your choice by following some specific rules set up by The pages with current updates are saved automatically with just a single click and these facilities are achieved with the help of Customization of users’ web-pages can do through the extensive use of But the customization facility is restricted to some extent. Now-a-days web-pages can be designed quickly with the help of is chosen to the best replacement of blogs. The benefits provided by are immense and so it can be called best-alternative in comparison to blogs. Pages can be created on it instantly and there-after you can start adding your contents to it. The users may set a page and can even forget its content after setting it. can be used to do the following task :

  1. Essays can be published
  2. Upcoming Events can notified via a page.
  3. Codes can be shared
  4. E-books can be published
  5. Recipes can be shared
  6. Several other things can be done

The color scheme provided by website is very soothing and gentle. Usually very soft colors are chosen for the web-site. The service provided by is very user-friendly and is pretty well-understood by users. The updating of existing web-pages is very easy to perform. Only a single click is required on that area from where you intend to perform your updating work and henceforth it can be easily edited.

Features of

  1. Videos as well as text can be added using the web-page.
  2. Pages can be edited anytime.
  3. Web-pages can be viewed for any span time according to your convenience.
  4. Elegant and majestic web-pages can be designed.
  5. Passwords can be given to the web-page in-order to prevent its access by the outside world. offers a very cost-effective service as web-pages can be created here without paying anything. The service provided by is very wide and is easily understood by all. No extra charge is even required for uploading videos in the web-page. offers features where contents can be quickly added and there is no requirement for any technical aid. This can be used with no prior knowledge on coding and it also offers sharing facilities with others.

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