PhreeBooks – full featured web based ERP/accounting system

PhreeBooks is a free and open source web based ERP/accounting system written in PHP and uses MySQL database engine. With a wide variety of features PhreeBooks is specially designed to be the ERP/accounting system for small to medium sized businesses.

it main aim to provide a multi-language multi-user web-based end-to-end enterprise management tool for small businesses and also provide extensive customization through the user interface and also by contract programmers from the original development team.

Features of PhreeBooks

  1. Platform independent, browser independents ERP and accounting system
  2. Full Featured Web Based Accounting
  3. Multiuser server client setup with an intuitive interface
  4. Multiple Language, Users with Individual Security Settings
  5. Runs on Windows/Mac/Linux, PHP and MySQL based
  6. Multiple Currencies and Multiple Branch Support
  7. Interfaces to E-Commerce, Payment Gateways
  8. Modular Architecture for Customization
  9. Inventory Management including Assemblies
  10. Project Tracking by Tasks and Cost Codes
  11. Easy PDF document generation
  12. Integration with FedEx for Shipping Cost Estimates and Label Generation
  13. Powerful Report Tool for Customized PDF Reports or Downloadable Data

Download : PhreeBooks