PocketCloud – Remote Desktop Apps for iOS Devices with RDP/VNC support

PocketCloud is a remote desktop apps for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad that help you to remotely access your Mac OS or windows desktop directly from your iPad or iPhone devices. No matter where you are geographically , you can always access your files, pictures and applications directly from your smartphone and Tablets.

PocketCloud is an easy to use and simple to install with powerful features like enterprise grade security, support for multiple connection, RDP/VNC compatibility etc..  make him the best mobile application for remote desktop access.

Features of PocketCloud

  1. Available for both mobile OS (Android and iOS)
  2. Specially optimized for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet and iPhone and iPad GUI.
  3. Three easy connection options: Auto Discovery, RDP, and VNC
  4. Simple, User friendly interface
  5. Support for Multitasking
  6. Touch Pointer – high accuracy screen control
  7. Keyboard auto-activation
  8. Custom keyboards with shortcuts
  9. Limited to one computer
  10. Connect to multiple computers (Pro feature)
  11. RDP 256-bit NLA/TLS encryption (Pro feature)
  12. Auto-fit and extended resolutions for RDP (Pro feature)
  13. VMware View support (Pro feature)
  14. 3rd party app integration (URL scheme) (Pro feature)
  15. RDP File Redirection (Pro feature)
  16. Microsoft RD Gateway (Pro feature)
  17. File Browser : Instantly and more conveniently access to your files and applications. (Pro feature for iOS user)
  18. Instantly Download, print and e-mail any file in your desktop (Pro feature for iOS user)
  19. Support for Video streaming (Pro feature for iOS user)
  20. Desktop search (Pro feature for iOS user)
  21. Multi-line text entry with copy/paste capability
  22. No port-forwarding configuration required

Download : PocketCloud Remote Desktop