ProtoShare 5 – Bringing Desktop Performance to the Cloud

As we already review the ProtoShare – A simple Collaborative website prototyping tool which allow your teams to visualize requirements with website wireframes and interactive prototypes while working together in real-time. after the successful launch of ProtoShare version 4.0 in September, here is company launched next version of ProtoShare.

ProtoShare 5 is a new generation of web-based wireframing and prototyping tool to help you get more done in less time. Rapidly create, share, and iterate your ideas in the cloud and easily gain stakeholder feedback on prototypes, design comps, and even live websites. The New ProtoShare 5’s back-end and client-side code are more optimized as compared to last version to improve speed between 70 to 200 percent. it also reduced data transmissions by about 50 percent.

In addition to a new, unified user interface, it improve workflows throughout the application, also introduced a new Parallel Prototyping™, Where user can Easily and rapidly prototype different platforms or languages in parallel with each other – then have reviewers automatically browse through each version to give you the quality feedback you need.

Features of PotoShare 5

  1. Support multi Document Interface
  2. Easy to use Drag and Drop Interface
  3. Share Assets Across Projects
  4. Easy Export Options
  5. Rich, Interactive Prototypes Reduce Rework, Improve Team Performance & Create Better End-User Experiences
  6. Increase fidelity with HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  7. Develop a hierarchical templating system
  8. Easily Involve and Engage with Real-Time Conversations, All in One Place.
  9. Brainstorm > Prototype > Design > Develop. Collaborate Through the Entire Process all in One Place.
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