PushDialer Desktop for Mac

PushDialer Desktop is a desktop application, which lets you contact anyone from your desktop in your phone effectively. You can easily get the contact numbers from your desktop application and then dial it with phone from your desktop. The application connects itself with your phone easily and you without dialing in your phone can connect with the person through the desktop.

You need not search for the contacts in your phone. If you have the numbers in your application or in the desktop application, you can easily dial; the number in the desktop and call the person through your phone without dialing it on the phone. The PushDialer Desktop is a good feature, which lets you dial the numbers through the address books, mails or anywhere.

With the one-step configuration of not scheduling networks and dialing the numbers through the phone, you can easily access the member in a call through the desktop application. You can also pair the application with multiple devices and computers to create conference calls and likewise you can interact with the people from anywhere, whether at work, home or anywhere else.

With just the Push technology for connecting your phone with the application, you can easily make calls. You can buy the iPhone application or even download the Mac installer to use it in your mobile phone. PushDialer Desktop is a inbound call service with collaboration with your phone with your desktop contacts.

PushDialer Desktop helps you contact your contacts in your address book, mails, and any other application easily without having to do anything on your phone. You can easily integrate the application with the Mac phone and start using it away. if the application is downloaded available on your website, you can even display your use in your website by publishing it there.

You can store and extract contacts from your computer and mails to your application and call them effectively. PushDialer Desktop helps you to connect with the concerned people directly through your desktop or address books. You are in constant contact with everyone through the application and can call whenever you want without fiddling with your phone. With the Push notifications and features, you can make outbound calls to anyone through your iPhone from your computer easily.

Download : PushDialer