Rainbow CMS – Open source ASP.NET based CMS

Rainbow CMS is an open source ASP.NET based content management system and portal engine. it’s an open source project released under Apache License 2.0.

it has customizable roles-based authorization system that allows content authoring to be safely delegated to multiple team members who need little or no knowledge of HTML and also support for two step approval process where content is first posted to a staging server and then migrated to the production server after approval.

The initial Rainbow design, based  on Microsoft’s IBuySpy (IBS) portal kit, has been significantly enhanced and improved by a global team of volunteers.  Most IBS users either quickly outgrow its simple functionality, or become frustrated finding and applying the various patches and enhancements available on the net.  Migration to Rainbow is a natural evolution.

Features of Rainbow CMS

  1. Host multiple web sites on a single code base and database.
  2. Rainbow sites are made from pages and pages are made from Modules.
  3. More then 45 free pre-built modules
  4. Users can independently be given permission to view, edit, add, or delete content in a module, based on their role
  5. built-in text search module
  6. Support for HTML WYSIWYG Editing
  7. Support for 2-step publishing process
  8. Multilanguage supported
  9. Customizable site layout and appearances
  10. Flexible and fine grained user and role management
  11. Modern n-tier architecture
  12. Supports for wide range of clients

Download : Rainbow.zip