Rate My Drawings DrawChat – online multi-user drawing chat room

RateMyDrawings is an online drawing forum that permits artists and demonstrators to illustrate online by drawing.

Ratemydrawings allows all the painters to use the same application for the creation of their drawings.

And this feature gives it an edge over the other art communities. The submission process is provided to you by the web-based Java, Flash, and HTML5 paint tools that are free.

It also has the unique feature of DrawChat Live, enabling artists to chat with others while drawing simultaneously.

Thus, you are provided with a Chatroom to make your paintings more accurate and to the point using the opinions given to you by others.

The simple and utility tools offered by ratemydrawing invites a large number of talented artists, which leads to a successful venture.

While acting as a critic of others’ paintings, you will tend to create collaborative bonds and enhance your work and the usability of rate my drawings.

Over the years, numerous drawing support tools have been introduced to enhance your artistic skills, including painting tutorials, social discussion platforms, and the online draw chat that can be used by quite a few people simultaneously.

It improves the art quality and develops shared fine art. The creators of RateMyDrawings are Mix art New Media, a Washington-based firm.

The RateMyDrawings has provided artists worldwide with the opportunity to grow their artistic skills using their well-equipped painting tools.

It has some exciting features that will help you understand their painting tools properly:

Features of Rate My Drawings – DrawChat

  1. Drawing using RateMyDrawings is very simple. The only essential need is that of a Flash, or Java application enabled browser.
  2. You will be sent an email after you are done with your painting so that you can put it up for public viewing and rating. Once you do that, people will come forward to rate and put feedbacks on your creation.
  3. You are allowed any painting that you wish to form any of the painting sections.
  4. You can rate drawings with a single click on the tabs for the rating given below every artwork. It will help if you put up your comments and ideas about any particular drawing so that the artist can get a clear view of your thoughts which is very important.
  5. If you have registered yourself, you will have a personal home page that you can share with your paintings. So you can make up any number of drawings that you can show to friends for comments and feedback.
  6. RateMyDrawings allows you to vote only once for a particular painting during a specific interval. There is a voting system depending on which you will be able to put up your drawings in the forerunner spot. The majority of votes gathered by an artist lead to a conclusive decision about artists’ top rankers.

Download: Rate My Drawings – Online DrawChat Chat Room