RationalPlan – The Best & Free Multi project planning software

This project management app is absolutely free and it is certainly liked by all the managers, business owners, and planners at each and every level. Marketing, as well as sales campaigns, can be easily launched or even a product line can also be revived.

The interface provided by the Project Viewer of RationalPlan is pretty plain and simple and has several functional aspects in it that are provided with the categorization of tasks.

Several items that are contextually dynamic are also included here and they include – events, lists, Gantt charts, timelines, and many more. The menu bar contains certain icons that are pretty simple and easy to understand.

The tool has been successful in producing satisfactory results in all the given tests and it also responded very quickly to each and every input is given to it.

The items are entered pretty easily and even the scheduled planning has also become very easy with the advent of this tool. The time spent and the effort needed to enter items was tremendously less and this added to the benefit of this application.

Multiple projects are managed simultaneously by the staff as they have a keen liking for the Portfolio feature that helps them in reviewing all the projects.

You are also free to share any information with investors or senior managers and that is accomplished through printing PDFs or exporting files, or you even email certain assignments from within that app.

Project planning is the ultimate focus of this project management software known as the Rational Plan. The trial version has almost all the features that the paid version has but the only difference is that the maximum number of tasks in the trial version is 20.

The availability of several features and options depicts the deep thought of each and every user that they all put in while doing the project.

It is possible for all the users to plan each and every minute detail of every task and project that results in a lot of time waste for all the average users.

But managers are benefitted through its use as they require the information regarding the minute details of the project or task. It works on any OS platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and the rest of the stages that are Java implemented.

Features of Rational Plan – Free Multi Project Planning Software

  1. The projects of your company can be easily managed by and even you are free to share resources with others.
  2. Get finances under control and resources.
  3. The critical issues that are related to your project are immediately brought to your attention (critical path, over-allocated resources etc..)
  4. The project evolution can be track in terms of time, completion, and costs.
  5. Multiple undo and redo options are available that enables data to get back safely through the use of “what if” scenarios.
  6. A clean way is provided for breaking down the project of yours, allocate resources, build schedules and manage budgets.
  7. Provide a step by step project guide to implement your project plan immediately.

Thus, Rational Plan Project is very beneficial and the interface provided by it is also very user-friendly and intuitive. Several tasks are included in it that add to the list of functionalities in it.

Download : RationalPlan