Reach accountant – Business accounting software for Retailers

Reach accountant is easy to use Online Business Accounting Software for users like Service Providers, Retailers and Online Businesses. It has no separate Data Entry system and users can access the data directly from Excel. The application has an accountant support so that you can easily finish the accounts.

Reach Accountant is a very user-friendly application developed as a quick and beneficial replacement of Tally. This open source application can manage accounts easily for any business firm or any individual without any distraction. The application, unlike Tally or other spreadsheet and accounting software, easily imports data from any excel document and is backed by accountants support that help the user to finish their accounts.

The application also prepares Tax Reports (like VAT, ST & TDS) and displays them in a flash. A book keeper helps the user to set up an account and it helps in raising few invoices with his/her branding & logo. Users can record their unpaid expenses without taking anyone’s help.

Users can easily send their bank-statement and can relax, while the accountant does the job for them (users). Setting up the account, too, is quite easy. Call Reach Accountant and provide the details regarding the balance sheet, statements profit/loss account, etc. and they will feed the data into the software and update them (database) easily. Moreover, you will get an accountant support who will look after your taxes and other accounts.

Features of Reach accountant

  1. User-friendly- The first quality that is necessary for any accounting software is its user-friendliness. Needless to say, the application is so much so user-friendly that it can be handled by an individual alone or by any small accounting firm.
  2. Easy to setup and update- The application, Reach Accountant, is easy to install and update. Simple call the support of the application and provide the details regarding the balance sheet, statements profit/loss account, etc. and they will feed the data into the software and update the database easily.
  3. Accountant support- The support of Reach Accountant provides an accountant to take care of taxes and accounts of any user, so that user can concentrate solely on his/her business.
  4. Privacy is taken care of- Since Reach Accountant deals with plenty of client’s account details, the application and the support team of the application keeps the data private and hidden.
  5. Different function sets for different businesses- Depending on the user’s business, there are few custom billing systems provided by the software. The accountant of Reach Accountant will integrate those billing systems in the application and customize it accordingly to suit the business requirements. For service business, the Invoicing system of the application can be used with logo and brand added to it. For retails, users can simply download the excel documents from the billing system and add to the application. For an online business, users can call the support and the support will source their (users) data directly from their CRM.

With interactive tools and features, Reach Accountant stands ahead of many of its competitors like spreadsheet or Tally software. The application is one of its kind to provide full-featured support with accounts and tax management.

Download : Reach Accountant business accounting software