ResourceSpace – PHP based digital asset management tool

ResourceSpace is an free and open source, web based digital asset management tool specially designed for reduce your internal workload between teammates or customers on reaching the common print, web-ready or other digital assets. it written in PHP and uses MySQL database backend to store your digital assets.

In other words, it’s an centralized and well organized repository where user can manage their images, PDF, videos, documents and easily searchable by using the metadata contained in these files. It will also automatically create previews and different resolutions and make them available for download to whoever you choose.

User can share their resources to those that need them without using up your own bandwidth: suppliers receive links via e-mail so they can download the resources themselves directly from the system.

Features of ResourceSpace

  1. Intuitive web user interface : a visually rich, user focused interface to support you in accessing and organizing and share your resources through your browser, no application install required.
  2. Standard based : works with current browsers on all the popular platforms.
  3. Simple and advanced search – the main search panel is available on every page allowing quick and intuitive access to the resources while the comprehensive advanced search lets you to focus your search and you are looking for. Use the ‘search for similar’ options to find other resources based on those you have selected.
  4. Intelligent search ordering – resources are scored against each keyword using user search activity
  5. Resources – detailed resource information, thumbnails and visual previews help you find the best and most relevant resources.
  6. Organization, collaboration and distribution – tools to organize your resources, share with colleagues on projects and distribute to others; no longer any need to e-mail large files.
  7. Direct access to resource files – resources can be downloaded to your computer in a variety of sizes so your users can choose if they require high quality print files or lower quality screen / web resolution files.
  8. Themes – pre-selected groups of the best resources.
  9. Page by page browsing of PDF files using Ghost script.
  10. Permissions – set resource access level by user group.
  11. Research services – allows specific requests to be made to a central resources team.
  12. Archiving – Resources can be archived and are then not visible in the main search.
  13. User Contributions : allow your users to submit resources directly, which can then be processed by a central team before being made available to other users. Ideal for remote-working photographers.
  14. Multilingual support
  15. support for batch file editing and uploading
  16. Automatic image and video thumbnail creation for hundreds of images and document types including JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, TIFF Photoshop PSD, InDesign, OpenOffice using ImageMagick and video thumbnails and Flash video previews for most video file types using FFmpeg.
  17. Automatic EXIF/IPTC/XMP header import and export using ExifTool.
  18. 3rd parties plugin support

Download : ResourceSpace