Rooster HR – HR software for small scale business

Rooster HR is a global HR solutions enterprise that delivers unique HR solutions as required. The hosted solutions of Rooster HR are dedicated at the client’s service 24×7. The main idea behind developing Rooster HR was to innovate recruitment functions efficiently to accelerate any business and meet the increasing recruiting demands of next generation.

Rooster HR is a global solutions enterprise that helps in accelerating any business growth by efficient HR services. Headquartered in Michigan, the enterprise is known best for its innovative and unique HR solutions and products. The products are highly functional and cost-effective, and help in improving the efficiency of HR department of any client enterprise.

The motto of Rooster HR is to deliver more in fewer resources available. For that, it works well with companies of low budget and solves the HR related problems. There are many products created by this company. Few of them include HCMone, R-Space, R-Lite, and plenty of other open source programs.

HCMONE is a simple software solution to manage human assets bringing value to the organization by collaborating with the stakeholders. It provides a centralized process and helps in retaining the clients of any enterprise. R-Space is an online recruitment platform for all kind of jobs. R-lite is a simple & centralized recruitment solution with risk free smart decisions. Other open source programs are dedicated for the society, like, itrac, E-learning, Rooster360, E2xam, etc..

Features of Rooster HR

  1. Helps in accelerating business growth- All the products of Rooster HR are dedicated towards providing recruitment & staffing solutions that can help in accelerating the overall enterprise as well as economic growth.
  2. Plenty of solutions- There are plenty of products and solutions available with Rooster HR that help in developing the business process and offer cost-effective HR solutions to various organizations.
  3. Full-featured products- The company built full-featured products for the pro companies that ensure usability and functionality of optimum level.
  4. Open source products for the community- Rooster HR has created several open source applications that cater the needs of the society. The recruiters can download them for free and use them according to their preferences.
  5. Leverage high technology- the company leverages high technology and uses that in all its software solutions.
  6. Excellent services- Rooster HR is known for excellent services and multi-functionality.
  7. Develops software by continuous research- Each and every product of Rooster HR ensures its quality. All of them are developed by years of researching by the HR industry.
  8. Error less solutions- The company develops and delivers genuine and error-free products which assure accurate operation year after year.

The company, Rooster HR, combines best practices and services with software solutions and develops the best possible products for the recruitment firms and for HR departments of various companies. All these products are developed by year’s research on HR industry and ensure quality with lesser error and problems.

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