Roxer- A simple Website Builder

Roxer is an easy to use application that help you to create free website. By this application, you could easily create a website even without any prior knowledge of HTML. This user friendly application can be customized as per the needs of the user and can be shift and resized easily. Thus, the user can create a web page without the help of a professional web designer or knowing the programming codes. Just clicking on the item and dragging them to the place you want will make it.

Roxer is a very efficient application for the professionals who want to create a website of their own without having a prior knowledge of website designing or programming codes. You can design the template; add content, resize or shift it effortlessly simply with drag n drop options.

There are portable ‘boxes’ from where you can easily get the elements you want to create your webpage. Moreover, once you are done with your website creating and completion phase, you can add, delete or edit the components by seeing it as your viewers would see it. From background designs to templates designs, you can get limitless options in Roxer. The web clipboard can be used for copy pasting. You can register it for free and can further upgrade it for a monthly fee.

Features  of Roxer

  1. Easy to use – The USP of Roxer lies in its user friendliness. You need to have a prior knowledge of HTML or programming codes to create a website. Just dragging the elements and putting them accordingly can create a website for you.
  2. Easy to Customized – You can easily customize and personalize the website according to your need. For that, you can choose the designs and plan the layout by adding the content and deciding the color & design scheme.
  3. Available as Free – Roxer is available as a free version and the user can easily use the services without paying any fee. However, it can be upgraded by paying a nominal monthly fee.
  4. Easy to Edit – You can amend or edit your website easily and directly on your web page and can see the changes made.
  5. Copy, Cut and Paste options on Clipboard – You can use the web clipboard to directly copy and past the elements of your webpage.
  6. Own a domain name – With Roxer, you can own your domain name without any extension.
  7. Layering ability – Roxer can easily layer the objects too.
  8. Live resizing of images – You can easily size the images on your website.
  9. Based on web browser – You need not to download any software to connect it to the web browser. You can do it easily with the browser you are using.

Roxer is out-of-the-box, innovative approach towards web designing where there is no need for programming codes or web designing tools. The application can be fruitful for the novices in web development and for the software professionals.

Download : Roxer website creator