Scheduly – Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Scheduly is an online appointment scheduling software that allows you to empower your business by online scheduling of appointments. It helps you to publish your business by displaying one or more services under your business. It also allows you to offer appointment slots by allowing your clients to choose their most convenient time out of your available time slots. Lastly it helps you to manage your pool of clients by defining your appointments policy.

The only thing you need to register yourself for Scheduly is just your email account. You can use this application for free for ninety days. You have to pay with a credit card after using the trial version but the site does not keep your credit card details on their server. You can cancel account at any moment by just sending an email. You can enter your business logo and address in order to improve your business page and promote your business in the search results.

The service ID is your own business page that you can send to your clients in order to allow them to schedule an appointment. You can provide the description of your clients, how many clients you handle at the same time, price per time slot, and communication details in your business page. You can have only authorized clients to schedule you. The page that you have in Scheduly will include an availability section where your clients can check whether you are available or not and schedule you instantly. The business page will also include your business details such as: services description, price, address, phone, fax and website.

Features of Scheduly

  1. You can share your availability with your clients with the help of Scheduly not just through your business page on Scheduly but anywhere on website.
  2. It includes your website or weblog, and it can be implemented on other websites as well.
  3. You can do the widget implementation very easily just by simply copying and pasting of one line of a HTML code.
  4. Through the business page on Scheduly you can invite all your clients and by doing so, every client you invite will automatically be listed under your business’s clients list.
  5. Also, every client who will request an appointment with you will automatically be listed under your clients list.
  6. Scheduly sends automatic notifications of approval.
  7. In case of unauthorized clients, they can contact you only if you have approved their appointment requests.
  8. You can cancel existing appointments and block specific time slots.
  9. With every change of the appointment status, you and your client will be notified by e-mail
  10. You can also send automatic reminders before the appointments.
  11. You can integrate Scheduly with calendars like Google calendar, Apple iCalendar, M-S Outlook and Mozilla Calendar that have an iCal application.

Thus Scheduly is an amazing application that helps you organize your time and schedule most efficiently.

Download : Scheduly – online appointment scheduling software