shoeboxed Online Receipt and Business Card Management System

If you are tired off with your unorganized heaps of files and project related documents, business receipts and cost account, then it is time for you to start using shoeboxed as an application for your work purposes.

Shoeboxed is basically a Online Receipt and Business Card Management System that help you to keep track and organise your receipts, business cards, bills and other documents in an systematic way.

it also work as scanner for the receipts, business cards and all the relevant documents for input as data entry and other managerial online storage space. It helps save lot of manual work, time and money for you.

You can get all your required data and information scanned by the shoeboxed without using a scanner or even the keyboard. Thus your expenditure on hardware gets reduced that you would have to otherwise take up in order to buy a scanner.

Shoeboxed is appropriate for anybody who needs some organized tool for their muddled lot of paper data online.

So, if you belong to some small scale business, if you are a freelancer or a single owner then shoeboxed will prove to be quite useful to act as an efficient organizer. Shoeboxed helps you obtain data that has been already verified by you.

Generally, when some information is collected by Shoeboxed by any means, be it web mail or by phones, it will scan those documents and then put those up online in an organized manner.

You will have the right to download or take print outs of the information you need. You will be able to transfer data to any office, contact or accounting software like the Outlook, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Google contacts or QuickBooks.

You can maintain compound shoeboxed accounts too. Shoeboxed is priced according to your demand for its usage.

There are different types of plans and once you go through the official site giving out the four schemes available you can chose your pick.

Features of Shoeboxed

Before taking up shoeboxed as your organizer it is suggested that you look through its features. These features are:

  1. Shoeboxed acts as a Online Receipt and Business Card Management System. By using this service you can send any of your records as mail for scanning, data removal or even maintenance of your account.
  2. It is a very safe tool to be used. Every sort of preventive measure are taken to make it completely secure and also it is SSL encrypted. So it is not possible for anyone to access your account other than the authority.
  3. It gives flexible price plans for you so that you don’t have to pay more than you use.
  4. You can access Shoeboxed from any part of the globe. If you are accessing it from somewhere other than U.S or Australia then also you can select any of the four benefit plans of Shoeboxed.
  5. Shoeboxed can be used from any smart phone as well. If you are an iPhone owner you can opt for the applications available for receipts and also business cards.

So, given the beneficial features, shoeboxed might prove to be just the thing you need.

Download : Shoeboxed