Side job track – online job tracking, invoicing, reporting and project management software

Side Job track is a unique application that helps in managing the side job of a user by using simple and functional project tools. The flexible and powerful data entry of this application helps the user to decide about his/her exact needs. Using Internet application, users can create customized invoice templates and estimates instantly.

Side Job track is an open source application for those who want to manage several side projects without any painstaking. The application is used to track jobs and services, create & manage projects, reports the clients, send invoices and estimates, etc. By this application, Users can create customized invoice templates and estimates for the clients using their Internet connection.

For that, they can download an rtf or HTML estimate or invoice template from web and can customize it according to their preference. Further, the file can be uploaded to the user’s web server from where users can link that file in their advanced settings and see their data gets uploaded directly in that estimate or invoice.

While you click on an invoice’s or estimate’s (uploaded ones) link, it will automatically display the detailed breakdown payment the user received from each client. It also develops client’s profile and displays the details and information on how much service is provided to each client and with how many projects the client is attached.

If the user feels to charge a tax on projects, User can use the application which will breakout the amount earned into sections like, pre-tax, tax and total monies. The application, Side Job track, also does the job of tracking invoices. Here, the users get an option for estimating the total of the project and percentage increments at the end of the project. Users can download invoices in rich text formats as well as can send invoices via e-mails.

Features of Side job track

  1. Handles multiple small side projects- The application, Side Job track, handles multiple small side projects at a time so that the users can take the liberty to concentrate on the main project only.
  2. Manages projects efficiently- Side Job track helps in managing and organizing the side jobs into projects. The application links all the information related to a particular job at a single place for quick access. This means users can quickly view project clients, services, elements, invoices, etc. easily from one place.
  3. Easy customization of invoices and estimates- Using a web connection, users can easily customize estimates and invoices by downloading and editing them.
  4. Detailed reports and breakdowns- By clicking on a link, users can get a simple breakdown of amount received from each client. Even if the user wants to levy tax on projects, he can easily do it by the application that will break up the earned amount into pre-tax, tax and total monies.
  5. Task and invoice tracking- Users can easily track invoices and tasks using the application. Users can download each invoice in rich text format and can e-mail them to multiple clients that save the stamping labor.

The application gives the user a freedom manage the side jobs and small side projects so that the users can concentrate into the main project. The application is developed for the business groups and small enterprises where the application saves labor cost.

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