SkyBlueCanvas – XML based web CMS

SkyBlueCanvas is an easy-to-use, lightweight web content management system written in PHP and built specifically for small websites.

It makes your site more flexible and easy to keep the content fresh without having to learn a lot of complicated features, templating systems, or configurations.

The idea of Collections is closely tied to the way the skin (template) system works. It’s a lightweight, and simple CMS does not mean simplistic.

It works on the Apache web server, is compatible with PHP versions 4 through 5, and doesn’t require any special configuration or modules. Just upload the software to your web server and start creating content for your website.

Features of SkyBlueCanvas

  1. XML-based data storage (no database required)
  2. Easy to use and simple to install
  3. Extensible core through content managers and modules
  4. Flexible & Powerful Plugin API allowing code execution triggered on custom events
  5. Skinnable through HTML/CSS templates
  6. Lightweight CMS (only 3.5 MB)
  7. Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict output
  8. SEO-friendly URLs (requires mod_rewrite)
  9. Customizable Meta Tags (globally or by page)
  10. Built-in RSS feed creation of pages, articles, and news items