SlideIT keyboard for Android

SlideIT Keyboard is a the fastest and enjoyable way to write text. it use Dasur’s unique pattern recognition engine that allow user to enter text by sliding a finger over letters on a touch screen keyboard.

Predictive text and disambiguation capabilities have increased SlideIT’s popularity, and have ensured SlideIT’s position as the leader in text input technology.

Features of SlideIT Keyboard

  1. Provide on the fly prediction while you slide – Now SlideIT adds predictive text while you slide, so you do not have to complete the full word, as required in other solutions. Predictive text completion is available when tapping as well.
  2. Easily Mixing tapping and sliding – Start writing a word by tapping, continue by sliding. Or slide, then tap. Predictive text is offered at any stage.
  3. Fewer layout substitutions – Numbers and special symbols have been added to the main keyboard layout, requiring less layout switching.
  4. Integrated Features – SlideIT successfully integrates multiple features such as sliding, tapping, predictive text, disambiguation, shortcuts and graffiti, offering the user a friendly layout and an intuitive user interface.
  5. Lightweight – SlideIT requires few resources on your touch screen device, using under 2 MB of memory per language (for the dictionary). Dasur’s optimized engine uses minimal CPU and saves on battery power consumption.
  6. Easy to Resize Keyboard Height – Want to resize the keyboard height? Just make a long press on the + sign and drag the keyboard up or down.
  7. Automatic Capitalization – SlideIT can automatically capitalize almost anywhere needed. It will capitalize the first word in a sentence or the word ‘I’.

Download : SlideIT keyboard for Android