Sneffel- HTML 5 virtual Whiteboard to draw and collaborate your ideas

Sneffel is a tool to pool resources with others on projects, classes or events. It permits you to share ideas, problems, or files. Sneffel has modernized the online education and distance learning. It turns long boring course content into an interesting engaging activity. You can work with other students and teachers at the same time. This lets you participate I group work also unlike other online education software’s. Sneffel has uncomplicated instructions and easy to use.

Sneffel lets you create a virtual whiteboard which is built using HTMLs using web sockets and canvas tags. This allows you to replay the whiteboard similar to an animation. You need to sign up with their official website. Then you need to create a Sneffel school by entering your school name and create your own URL ( You can access your Sneffel School using your own school logo. Sneffel boards add life to these dull educational platforms. Sneffel boards help them to attract many more learners. You can record and replay your doodle pads. You can also use Sneffel doodle pads to increase your website popularity.

It give you 14 days trial version. Sneffel School costs 250USD for 3 months. Sneffel Doodle permits you to draw, brainstorm, collaborate, or just have fun with a straightforward, easy to handle whiteboard. You can create drawings on your own personalized whiteboard and post the URL to one or more friends so you all may pool resources in real time. You also have the option to bookmark or save the URL to come back later and edit your doodle pad, or open a new, blank whiteboard. Sneffel is beta state application. It is still evolving.

Features of Sneffel- HTML 5 based virtual Whiteboard

  1. Sneffel is easy to start using and has no time-consuming processes necessary to get started.
  2. The feature that let you play your drawing like an animation is sure to grip everyone’s attention and attract many users in future.
  3. Sneffel allows users to incorporate the doodle pads into their own websites.
  4. There are several color and header images customization options. These customization options lets you make personalized and eye-catching doodle pads.
  5. You can create unlimited Sneffel boards. These boards can be accumulated into existing e-learning platforms.
  6. Sneffel let you collaborate your creations and animations with your friends real time.
  7. Rest-ful API for better integration of your Sneffel boards into existing e-learning platforms.( coming soon)
  8. Sneffel will soon allow user, student and teacher administration options separately.( coming soon)
  9. It will soon be available on smart phone devices like iPhone and iPad.( coming soon)

Sneffel is sure to attract more visitors to your website. It nourishes your creative sense and helps in flourishing your business. Sneffel has the potential to renovate online educational platforms. It has been launched recently and is slowly and steadily gaining popularity. You will not be disappointed with the results produced by Sneffel. It ensures complete satisfaction.

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