Solidshops- Hosted e-commerce software

Solidshops is an easy to use hosted e-commerce software designed for the web designers as well as for their clients. The application helps in designing and building online store for their clients.

Solidshops is an application that helps the web designing professionals in designing and building online stores for the clients using hosted e-commerce platform. Users with HTML and CSS skills can easily handle the designing with this powerful application. Added to that, this application keeps the data safe by creating backups and by SSL encrypting.

The clients too, stay engaged in the user friendly interface of this application. The application, in a way, helps in saving the tracking of time and shipping multiple orders at a time. An interesting feature that makes the application popular is its user-friendliness. Users can also use this application to build online stores even if they have no prior knowledge of HTML or CSS.

They can easily fetch the custom theme builder tool to create their online store and can get a live preview of their online store too. Solidshops is connected with Twitter directly so that the users can market their products without any painstaking. Most importantly, the application helps in managing the security aspect for both the users and the clients by putting encryption and security certificates and necessary security tools.

Features of Solidshops

  1. Easy to use application- Needless to say, the application is unique yet a very helpful application for the web designers as well as for the users to develop attractive and easy to navigate online stores.
  2. Easy to add and manage items- the application supports adding and managing multiple items. Users can easily add multiple products and upload plenty of images at a time easily to design the store in their own way. They (the users) can also add product variants like product size or color and publish them on their designed online store.
  3. Save tracking of time- The users can view the new orders directly just after they log in. Based on that, the users can take appropriate desired actions. The application takes the responsibility of estimating the shipping costs of the user’s products and saves valued time and effort.
  4. Easy to design stores and customize it as well – The application helps in designing stores using the custom templates as well as the HTML and CSS knowledge of the users. The application is also very useful for the users who do not have any prior knowledge of any scripting language .There are custom theme builders along with live previews that help a novice in creating and building online stores.
  5. Easy Security Support- One of the key features of any useful application is security. With that perspective in mind, proper security and encryption measures have been implemented for both the users and the clients.
  6. Online Connectivity-The application not only helps in creating online stores, but also helps in marketing the products using direct Twitter connectivity.

The application, Solidshops,is a very useful e-commerce platform for different types of users. With this application, users can not only create attractive online stores ,but also can market them using their twitter account.

Download : SolidShops hosted ecommerce software