SQL Buddy – Web based MySQL admin with Ajaxed Interface

SQL Buddy is an open source, lightweight and intuitive web based MySQL admin with Ajaxed Interface that specially designed to explore and manage your database online simply using a Web browser.

SQL Buddy is very easy to install, no need to setup any other software to use SQL Buddy. simply unzip the folder on server and its ready to use. Upgrading is just as easy, just delete your previous “SQL buddy” folder and replace it with the new version you just downloaded.

SQL Buddy uses MySQL user table for authentication.Ordering & resizing the columns makes browsing much more easier. With Ajax interface, User don’t have to wait for whole page loads when you’re trying to simply add an entry to a table, it use to fetch just the content that has changed. At the same time, it still plays nice with bookmarks, the back button, etc.

Download: SQL Buddy