SwiftKey X for Android – Keyboard Apps for Android

SwiftKey X Keyboard is a mind blowing keyboard apps for Android that make typing on android much easier then ever. When you Install SwiftKey X Keyboard on your Android, it will automatically replace your touchscreen keyboard with one powered keyboard by using smarter natural language technology.

When you start typing words on SwiftKey X Keyboard it will instantly give you much more accurate corrections and predictions than any other keyboards, because it understand how words work together. When you start using SwiftKey X Keyboard on regular basic to make your typing more easier and even more accurate over time.

Cloud based personalization means SwiftKey X keyboard automatically learn or track from what you’ve written on Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and on your blog as well as what you type on your phone. you can personalize them using your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog posts.

Currently SwiftKey X provide support for only 35 languages, and you can enable up to 3 languages at once. Here is languages that SwiftKey X support;

SwiftKey X included “Input Method Editor (IME)” which currently available only for Android smartphones and Fluency is a fully-integrated, probabilistic prediction engine utilizing advanced language processing and machine learning technology. both are implemented systematically into SwiftKey X Keyboard by using highly-efficient associative, approximating data structures to yield rapid response times across a wide range of current mobile devices.

Download : SwiftKey X Keyboard (Android Play market)