Symphony – PHP and MySQL based open source CMS

Symphony is a PHP and MySQL based content management system(CMS) that utilises XML and XSLT as its core technologies. It mainly focus on simplicity, openness and standards-compliance, so user can easily create and manage websites and web applications of all shapes and sizes – from the simplest of blogs to bustling news sites and feature-packed social networks.

It offers a very flexible usage as the data, logic and templating layers are all independent, meaning that whatever you implement can be modified, added or removed with minimum effort. it give you complete control over data structures, URL schemas, and every bit of markup.

When Compare to other Popular CMS applications, Symphony is totally different content management system( CMS ).it use XSLT-based template engine, which make it possible to output much more than just web pages. Generate dynamic CSS and JavaScript. Offer RSS and Atom feeds. Whip up PDFs, SVGs, or spreadsheets. Set up an entire XML/JSON API. Virtually any data format is just a template away.

The clean, almost minimal design of Symphony’s admin interface help you to focus on your work. Layouts and interactions are kept straightforward and consistent. Easy to learn and easy to use, the UI becomes second nature in no time at all.

The application has a growing library of extensions (130+) which can help you improve the functionality it offers.