Sypex Dumper – MySQL database backup and restore tool

Sypex Dumper is a open source MySQL database backup and restore tool that allow you to create a backup copy of a MySQL database, and also restore the database from the backup file if needed. It built with PHP and specially optimized for give you maximum performance with large databases of hundreds or thousands of megabytes.

Sypex Dumper works with AJAX, thus achieving responsiveness of the interface like in desktop applications. And no page reloads. The Convenient Web 2.0 interface use all the latest developments in web-technologies. such as: separation of data and design, AJAX, CSS-sprites, correct use of ‘expire’ headers (allowing for even faster loading of interface), the new form elements.

Features of Sypex Dumper :

  1. backup and restore of MySQL database without using third-party programs
  2. work with any size of databases
  3. impressive optimized performance
  4. support for two file formats compression ( Gzip and Bzip2)
  5. User friendly Ajaxed interface
  6. special file format with the meta-information
  7. MySQL service functions (check, optimize, repair)
  8. works on both platform (Windows and Linux)
  9. smart work with encodings
  10. saving tasks for quick use
  11. automatic deletion of old files to save Space
  12. custom (user) authentication
  13. process control (stop/pause/continue)
  14. the possibility for multiple users to work with one copy of the script
  15. lightweighted
  16. Easy to installed and configured
  17. Support for Multilanguage

Download : Sypex Dumper