Tabzon – free online in-out board for your office

Tabzon is a free software that lets you keep tabs on members of your team. You can use it online. It has an in-out board design. Tabzon eases the process of interaction between your co-workers. Using Tabzon relevant issues can be discussed and you do not miss out on sharing vital information. Tabzon has simple ready to use features that does not require prior training. It is becoming a popular software among people who have to work in teams.

Tabzon has multiple functionalities that make coordination of your work a convenient task. The primary advantage of Tabzon is that it is a great time saver. You save a lot of time that you would spend looking for your colleague or waiting for him to return at his desk. You can keep track of the members of your team throughout the day. Tabzon has a professional looking user interface. Important features are highlighted in colors, buttons and text formats. There are color indicators which helps usage of Tabzon easier.

Tabzon uses short notes under the names of users indicating their status. To register for Tabzon you will have to sign up for a password protected account. During registration you will have to provide information regarding the name of your company, website address, user name and password. The facilities of Tabzon will be available to you as soon as you are done with the registration process. You can use it instead of AIM, ICQ and Yahoo. Tabzon focuses more on the status update rather than chatting. Since Tabzon does not charge anything it is ideal for new or small businesses.

Features of Tabzon

  1. There is no need to download or install any software. You can simply start using Tabzon if you have internet access and a browser. Thus it does not affect the speed of your machine or encroach on your disk space.
  2. Tabzon does not require any investment. It come free of cost and can be availed upon by new businesses.
  3. Tabzon is currently in its beta state i.e. it is still evolving. You can send in your suggestion for the development of Tabzon.
  4. You can view the updates of all your team members with a single mouse click.
  5. Your contacts are quickly listed in one place.
  6. Tabzon keeps your data safe and secure. You can control the privacy settings of certain information if you do not want to make any information public to everyone in your team. You can authorize individual on your team to view certain information and prevent others from viewing them.
  7. You can reuse your own status messages that you commonly use with a single mouse click. All your statuses are saved and you can simply select one of those you have used previously.

Tabzon is an efficient software to keep you and your team connected. It increases the workflow. It is sure to deliver the desired results.

Download : Tabzon- online in-out board