TagXedo- create visually stunning tag cloud with style

TagXedo is a very unique online interface that takes a cluster of words and converts them into brilliant optical "tag clouds". It is an amazingly creative online-engine that can make pictures out of words. The pictures, or as they are popularly known, the tag clouds, can be saved, shared and printed once you have created it. Be it the face of a person, or an animal, or even the map of the world, TagXedo gives you tag clouds of just about anything.

TagXedo is very easy to use. All you need to do is type some text as input and TagXedo creates a wonderful image out of the words. Images for languages other than English are generated by using Wikipedia references of the respective language in English, followed by translating it to that language.TagXedo uses a number of free, licensed fonts to create the vivid visual effects from mere words.

The free shapes available on TagXedo are in the JPEG or PNG formats so that they can be easily used to create your word cloud.TagXedo also uses a variety of open and closed-source software’s like ZLib.NET to create zip files, FJCore to encrypt JPEGs, Font Name From File to reacquire filenames from TTF. Tagxedo does not use words like "is, are" and counts "set" and "sets" to be the same. In order to learn and be able to proficiently use this programme, you can refer to the "101 Ways to Use Tagxedo" provided in the website itself.

Features of TagXedo

  1. Words can be converted to tag clouds in real time, respin to create new clouds as well.
  2. You can modify a previously created tag cloud to your liking and save it or print it.
  3. Built-in fonts from Font Squirrel, DaFont and Font Space can be used to make your word-cloud. You could even use your own hand-written font.
  4. The Tagxedo interface allows you to switch between colors and themes very quickly, without restrictions.
  5. Tagxedo provides numerous common shapes like heart, star, square, diamond, etc. that can be used to create your word-cloud.
  6. Words can be used to generate specific phrases or words as well with Tagxedo. For example, you can type in your text and select the custom shape as "I Love You" for Tagxedo to create an I Love You word-cloud.
  7. Tagxedo provides numerous "Respin" options, ranging from shape and color to orientation and overall layout. Thus you can experiment and save your perfect word-cloud.
  8. Tagxedo keeps of previously made word-clouds in the "History" section.
  9. quickly switch between different colors and themes

For people with a creative eye for the world, Tagxedo proves to be an absolutely prodigious platform to express it. Tagxedo’s highly advanced tools coupled with it’s user-friendly nature makes it fit for 100% customer satisfaction.

Download : Tagxedo- create visually stunning tag cloud