Ted lightweight text editor for Android

Ted is an open source, lightweight, Ad-free text editor for android that would be perfect replacement for Notepad. User can easily and instantly edit small and medium sized files directly from your android smartphones.

Create, edit, open and save new as well as existing text files from mobile. Also show you the line numbers and recently open files. you can search for text inside the opened file.

Ted Text editor written in Java and offer all basic functionality of text editor to do some basic editing on the move.

Features of Ted Text Editor

  1. Support for Fling scroll
  2. themable Text editor
  3. Display Line Numbers
  4. Word Wrap
  5. Search Wrap
  6. Search Box for search text inside text files
  7. Search match case
  8. Automatic detection of end of line in opened files
  9. Support for multiple encoding such as ASCII, Latin 1, and UTF 8
  10. Easy to install on SD Card

Download : Ted text editor