Tersus Visual Programming Platform for creating rich web applications without coding

Tersus is an open source visual Programming Platform that help you to create rich web applications by drawing visual flow diagrams instead of writing code. it uses Tersus Modeling Language as a visual language for developing user interface.

All development done by tersus platform is a 100% visual and codeless. No coding or scripting are required to create rich web applications  the diagram of the application (called "the model") defines it all: screen layout, rich client side behavior, and server side processes. User can easily create their own screen layout by dragging display elements (buttons, tables, fields …) into the model.

To create rich web 2.0 style application, you need to use Ajax, a complex technique that involves programming in JavaScript on the client side and in another language (Java, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python) on the server side. But with Tersus platform, user can uses single, simple visual language for define user interface, client side behavior and server side processing. it uses Ajax techniques “under the hood “, and hide all the complexity from you. The Platform also uses the same languages in both side (client and server side).

Features of Tersus Visual Programing Platform

  1. Language independence
  2. Model templates and model prototypes
  3. User-defined data types
  4. Easy to import WSDL definitions of web services as Tersus building blocks
  5. highly customizable via CSS
  6. Visual debugging by playback of application execution
  7. Automated testing through the definition of "test suites”

Download : http://www.tersus.com/