TextFlow Redliner – Cloud Based Document & Contract Redlining

TextFlow Redliner is a Cloud-based Document & Contract Redlining tool that makes it much simpler to share, allot, and pool resources.

TextFlow Redliner is supposed to be the lone redlining implement that can provide a total detailed history of a document.

Its unique resolution provides law professionals with better overall perception and enhanced control while dealing with various documents.

TextFlow Redliner offers you a clear vision of all the new and old versions of a document. Hence, comparison among different documents becomes very simple.

You are enabled to view seven text-based word or PDF documents simultaneously in only one window screen. TextFlow makes your text and word related activities very coherent and hence increase your product quality.

It keeps a record of all your documents and makes a comparison process for some specific conclusion easier.

It also gives you the scope to view and be up to date with every modification and replacement that takes place in your files or project works.

It has been developed by a Swedish private company called Nordic River. TextFlow Redliner is useful to keep all the comments given on various topics.

These remarks and modifications can take your work quality to a higher level. So, it takes care to store all the given comments and updates.

TextFlow has been created keeping in mind the textual and accuracy needs of today’s working professionals. These features are varied.

Features of TextFlow Redliner Document & Contract Redlining Tool

  1. TextFlow enables you with comparison among seven text-based PDF texts or Word files, producing an alteration report in PDF form.
  2. You can detect every single change that has taken place within your document. Since every proposed change is important, TextFlow makes it a point to save every such change for future reference.
  3. It is very easy to understand modifications in the perspective and these are easily readable. Thus, TextFlow makes the alteration process more approachable.
  4. TextFlow provides you with special highlight features that help you figure out even a trivial change made to your images, tables, or any other part of your document.
  5. You are provided with a detailed statistical report on the extent of change that has been done to your documents. So, you are well aware of the change that takes place in your records.
  6. It helps you to detect new inclusions, word reformats, and altered texts easily. Thus, it saves a lot of time that is generally wasted in understanding changed text versions.
  7. With the help of TextFlow redliner you can get a hand at a detailed account of each member’s modifications giving step by step accounts.
  8. Every single member’s change can be viewed by you i.e. you are acquainted with not only the manner of change but also the person who brought it about. You are also well aware of the effects on your document that will come in with the alterations.

Hence, for improved document management it is advisable to go for a trial of TextFlow redliner.

Download: TextFlow