Thumb Keyboard – The Best Free Keyboard for Android

Thumb Keyboard for android is a popular stock keyboard replacement that change the way you type the keyboard and give you more faster, smarter and comfortable user experience on Android. It give you more advanced customization option to adjust your preferences.

The New Thumb Keyboard offer patent pending “split” layout for tablets and phones that makes thumb typing more natural and comfortable on android, also introduce a lot of useful and advanced features that will improve your productivity and makes typing on your mobile device more fun.

Features of Thumb Keyboard

  1. Flexible Keyboard Layouts
  2. Split layouts for tablets and large screen devices: Better accessible keys for thumb-typing on large and small tablets and 4″+ phones
  3. Ideal for phones, 5″ ‘phablets’, 7″ tablets and 9-10″ tablets
  4. Option to select separate layouts for portrait and landscape
  5. One hand operation mode for large-screen phones
  6. Real time voice recognition via latest Google Voice typing service
  7. Multi touch gestures with Swipe gesture support
  8. Long press symbols and characters (customizable)
  9. Keyboard Shortcuts
  10. Easy Text to speech feedback
  11. Bigram word prediction
  12. Adjustable keyclick volume
  13. 3D “coverflow” theme browser with 25+ themes
  14. Fully Customizable Themes and background with Unique 25+ Themes
  15. User customizable tool bar
  16. Fully customizable height, Width and Color
  17. Multilingual

Download : Thumb Keyboard for android