Timetonote – Free web-based CRM

Timetonote is a free web-based CRM that allows you to team up and share contacts, emails, notes, tasks, projects, and more with your team members.

It plays multiple roles in managing your business. It acts as a project manager, contact manager, task manager, maintains Analytics of your business, and many more.

With Timetonote you can perform a wide range of functions such as-

  • You can view a person or a company’s history on one page.
  • You can manage tasks and update your task list anytime.
  • You can add many users. The number of users you can add depends on your Timeonote package.
  • You can share all information that you know about a company and its people on one page.
  • Using the Dashboard you can see the most up-to-date activity in your company and your impending tasks.
  • You can classify projects, tasks, and people into groups.
  • You can cooperate and collaborate easily with your team members.
  • You can indicate the set of users with whom you want to share people, companies, notes, emails, and tasks.

Timetonote comes in two packages – a free version or the premium version which costs $20 a month. It uses SSL encryption securing your data.

Features of Timetonote

  1. You do not need to install any software on your computer. This does not run the risk of slowing down your system or eating up your disk space.
  2. You can share information on other people, different companies, relevant notes, urgent emails, and tasks with specific groups of users according to your convenience.
  3. You can maintain an online address book and share it with all your colleagues.
  4. You can perform easy task management with the help of Timetonote. You can keep a note of what tasks you need to perform and assign tasks to your team members.
  5. You can connect files and Google documents to the notes you write which can be viewed by other workers.
  6. Timetonote allows you to sign in using your Google account. You can integrate Google documents with your notes and assimilate your Timetonote contacts and Google contacts.
  7. Timetonote incorporates web technologies like the Toolkit available on Google and Google Applications Base.
  8. You can view and alter contact notes, emails, and tasks from Gmail.
  9. All your calls, emails, notes, and conversations are stored together under Communication history.
  10. You can form special groups, contacts, emails, notes, and tasks for specific project requirements.
  11. You can Forward, CC, or BCC emails to Timetonote, link them to contacts and let your co-workers view them.
  12. Your data security is maintained by SSL encryptions.
  13. You can bring in or export contacts, search contacts, notes, and projects.

Timetonote is the perfect manager for your business. It makes life easy for you. It efficiently deals with every aspect of your business. It gets all your jobs done at the proper time. It assures you complete satisfaction.

Download: http://www.timetonote.com/