The 15 Best Workforce Management Platforms


if you looking for the best Workforce Management Platform, consider this list for your next Workforce Management Platform choice.

Workforce management is an integrated set of processes that includes all the activities involved in maintaining a productive workforce.

This includes core HR functions, benefits, time and attendance, reporting, onboarding, salary planning, and more.

Workforce Management Platform

1 WorkPuls

WorkPuls is an Employees Monitoring system that tracks who is using which app or website when and for how long.

You can use it for real-time monitoring or retroactively analyzing. Easy to use and set up without any IT knowledge, it only takes 2 minutes. Works on any version of Microsoft Windows only! – workpuls


DBX offers an all-in-one business software solution. Everything from customer management, routing, employee management, inventory management, e-Commerce, Online Reputation Management, surveys, accounting, banking, and more for medium to large companies. – prodbx

3 TrackTik

TrackTik is an agile end-to-end operation management software designed for the security industry, focused on increasing visibility, productivity, and competitiveness.

Using the tracking, scheduling, reporting, or dispatch features, security companies now have the ability to optimize and standardize processes while increasing trust from clients and gaining profitability. – TrackTik

4 FingerCheck

FingerCheck is an online time clock system that makes logging hours an effortless process and integrates with all payroll providers.

Receive automatic reports & notifications. Employees can clock in or out, using our Mobile App, (for iPhones & Android devices) & Biometric Time Clocks. – fingercheck

5 Sirenum

Sirenum is a workforce management platform that integrates utilities such as Shift Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Health & Safety, and more to simplify the staff management lifecycle.

By leveraging cloud technologies, Sirenum can offer you and your employees complete access anywhere.

Your staff can view shifts using the app, through the web, or via email or text notifications. Sirenum allows companies of any size to manage their staff more efficiently and effectively. – sirenum

6 Datis

DATIS is the leading provider of position control human resource (HR) and payroll software-as-a-service (SaaS) for behavioral health and human services agencies.

Our best-in-class, cloud-based software is a complete solution, covering HR, Position Control, Payroll, Timekeeping, Benefits Administration, Recruiting, Talent, Credential Management, and Workforce Analytics. – datis

7 MobileLogix

With MobileLogix, Any size organization can be empowered to know everything about any activity, regardless of location.

Scheduling, Dispatch, Time Sheets, Asset Management, GIS, GPS, and Customer Portals are all on a single platform and integrated with Oracle Financials, SAP, Viewpoint, and others. – mobile-logix

8 PeopleTicker

PeopleTicker provides labor rate information for hourly and salary employees in 160 countries utilizing a data as a service model which is available to clients on a subscription basis. – peopleticker

9 Hydra

Hydra is the only resource-centric PPM tool designed to cope with the problems that real people in real organizations face.

It enables you to deliver more projects on time and within budget with your existing resources. – Hydra

10 WhenToWork

WhenToWork Online employee Scheduling app that automatically assigns your schedule shifts based on employee work time preferences of a manually-entered database of employees.

it allows for easy-to-understand, graphical representations of employee schedules according to a multitude of sorting criteria.

From here, an administrator can easily “drag and drop” shifts into various holes in the schedule, as well as select employees to fill other schedule gaps according to their time preferences. – whentowork

11 Humanity

Humanity is a flexible workforce management platform with a calendar, scheduling, time clock, and leave management.

it’s a completely cloud-based employee scheduling software, it means all of your relevant workforce management data is always available to you and your employees at any time from anywhere. – humanity

12 AsureForce

AsureForce is a cloud-based workforce management platform including paid time off, online timesheet, time & attendance, HR/benefit, employee self-service, pay stubs/W2, and expenses.

Endorsed by leading payroll providers, AsureForce has over 1600 satisfied clients. – AsureForce

13 HotSchedules

HotSchedules provides mobile and cloud-based workforce management platforms for the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries to automate operational challenges such as recruiting, training, scheduling, business intelligence, shift communication, labor, and inventory management. – hotschedules

14 My Sales Dialer

My Sales Dialer is a cloud-based workforce management system to manage the remote sales force or workforce for any organization.

it’s a combination of CRM and power dialer in your pocket for office-based power dialer, Hosted Power dialer, and Hosted CRM. – mysalesdialer

15 TeamWise

TeamWise leads the market by offering exclusive HRMS and Payroll Management software.

It comes with an array of features including Leave and Attendance Management, Employee Self-Service, Recruitment Management, Talent Management, etc. – trogonsoft

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