Airdoc for Mac – Transfer files to your iOS device

Airdoc is a simple sync app for mac that transfers all your documents, files, audio, videos to your iPad/iPhone.

No cloud or internet connection is required to transferred files from mac to your iOS devices.

All you need to do just drag and drop your files into your Air Doc App and it will automatically open with your iOS supported devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc..

To view all your documents on iPhone you need to install Airdoc Viewer iOS app on your iPhone.

AirDoc becomes a perfect alternative that replaces your Mac’s secondary display with your iPad, enhanced by the touch capabilities of your iOS device, but without the need to install any drivers.

Features of Airdoc for Mac

  1. Real-time preview of your graphic
  2. full retina display support on new iPad
  3. Easy to transfer files to your iPhone, iPad by using Drag and Drop
  4. send and view a screenshot to your iOS device with one click or by a hotkey (Cmd-Alt-S)
  5. send and view the current clipboard with one click or by a hotkey (Cmd-Alt-V)
  6. Put your URL into Air Doc apps, it will open it on your iOS devices
  7. Support for pdf, doc, Xls, pages, numbers, text, RTF documents file formats that Quicklook can show
  8. Support for m4v, m4a, mp3 multimedia file formats that iOS can easily play.
  9. Universal Apps, compatible with All types of iOS devices
  10. auto rotates in landscape or portrait mode on all devices
  11. zero-configuration network support (Bonjour)
  12. Stores your last uploads for access when offline

Download: Air Doc