Transform Windows 7 into iPad with iPadian

If you are serious iPad die-hard fan and want to enjoy the same iPad user experience on your windows desktop. here is simple windows application – “iPadian” that transform windows 7 UI into iOS style User interface without modifying any system files or changing any settings on your desktop.

iPadian is a iPad simulator for windows that simulates the iOS user interface on your windows 7 Desktop. it come with a ready to use pre-installed iOS Apps with Custom app store.

it offer all basic features of iPad on your Desktop such as full screen mode support, allow to access all free resources for listening to music, watch videos, surf the web, Social chatting and Facebook notification support etc..

it doesn’t required any installation, it’s an portable software. All you need to do just extract the archive. zip and then run the file iPadian.exe.

it instantly open alternative dashboard which display several features such as two widgets box for Facebook on the left, right side , a search bar, a dock bar at the bottom to open the common apps and access the important computer files.

A collection of icons for other programs. Included are popular apps like YouTube and Instagram, as well as games like Angry Birds. Every Time when you launch iPadian dashboard, on the right side it show all popular websites like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and others in mobile version.

Best thing about iPadian is allow you to install new apps from apps store. All your installed apps appear on the desktop to the Quick Launch iPad. also easy to remove them from main dashboard, just click and hold the right mouse button and move.

At last, iPadian is a simple yet easy to use windows application that give you iOS user experience in your windows 7 desktop.

Download : iPadian