49 Useful Tumblr dashboard theme for Tumblr User

Tumblr is a free micro blogging and social networking platform that offer you professionally designed, fully customizable templates.

With Tumblr, user can easily post multimedia, images, Quote, link, chat and any other content into simple short form blog. All thus features user can accessed from the Tumblr Dashboard, where user have option to post content and follow other blogs and re-blog there content.

Tumblr have very simple dashboard interface with Dark blur color in background. I think it’s default color theme for Tumblr. Here is 49 beautiful Tumblr dashboard theme for Tumblr User . User can change their Tumblr theme as per there choice.

  1. Infinity & Beyond Tumblr Dashboard Theme

  2. woods – darkness dashboard theme

  3. xmas tumblr dashboard theme

  4. dark forest canopy theme

  5. tumblr Pottermore Themed Dashboard

  6. cold outside tumblr theme

  7. PINK BIRDIES Tumblr Dash theme – seity

  8. Pixies of the Dark tumblr dashboard theme

  9. Vivid HQ Glitter dashboard theme

  10. Doodledash tumblr dashboard theme

  11. E V A tumblr dashboard theme

  12. elegant floral tumblr theme

  13. Fireworks Dash Background tumblr theme

  14. Green Lace Tumblr Dashboard theme

  15. Hipster Fo Sho with space background tumblr theme

  16. beach tumblr dashboard theme

  17. Black Wood dashboard theme for Tumblr

  18. Blue Lace Tumblr Dashboard theme

  19. Blue Nebula Dashboard Theme

  20. city lights tumblr new york dashboard theme

  21. Cute & Vintage Flowers tumblr dashboard theme

  22. cute ducks and hearts tumblr dashboard theme

  23. DAISY tumblr theme

  24. Dashboard New Post Icons

  25. Justin bieber tumblr dashboard theme

  26. light grey color wooden theme

  27. Light Vintage Blue Tumblr Dashboard theme

  28. Lights in space dashboard theme

  29. Lilac tumblr dashboard theme

  30. Lovely Light Purple tumblr dashboard theme

  31. magenta space nebula theme

  32. Maroon Space tumblr dashboard theme

  33. Moon Landscape Tumblr Theme

  34. Mustache icons and black bows background tumblr theme

  35. Mystical Stars Nebula theme for Tumblr

  36. Nebula exarock Tumblr dashboard theme

  37. One Direction Dashboard tumblr theme

  38. One Direction Tumblr Dashboard Theme

  39. orion nebula dashboard theme

  40. Pastel Floral Tumblr Theme

  41. Prettiest In Pink 02 Cute Animal Print tumblr theme

  42. Pusheen tumblr Theme

  43. Space&beach Dashboard Theme

  44. Sparkly Clouds theme

  45. Sweet Black theme for Tumblr

  46. treasury dashboard theme for Tumblr

  47. Tumblr hipster galaxy theme

  48. vintage floral n°2 Tumblr theme

  49. vintage floral n°1 Tumblr theme