Tumult Hype – HTML5 creation app for Mac OS X

Tumult Hype is a Mac software that allow you to create beautiful animated and interactive HTML 5 web content that supports cutting edge features like box shadows, reflection, and 3D transformations. the application made with Tumult Hype works on any platform like desktops, smartphones and iPads.

With Tumult Hype, anyone can create interactive, dynamic HTML 5 web content without learning any coding languages.

Features of Tumult Hype

  1. Interactivity and Animations : Tumult Hype software use keyframe-based animation system to create dynamic content. you just need to click the “ Record” button and then it will automatically record your every move and create keyframes. User can also manually edit, add, delete and re-arrange keyframes to fine-tune your content.
  2. All scene created by software are work similar like slide in presentation software and it’s a great way to simplify animation flow or separate content.
  3. Timelines for the scene can be added and play when triggered by actions. it will allow you to add more interactivity – mousing over an object could trigger a timeline to play which animates other objects in the scene.
  4. Engage your viewers and trigger custom animations, scene transitions, or JavaScript functions in response to users actions like mouse clicks/keystrokes or documents events.
  5. All application create by Tumult Hype software are provide 100% fidelity across all browsers.
  6. Tumult Hype creates content for everything from the latest desktop browsers, to mobile devices like iPhone and Android.
  7. It has Webkit based canvas to render your content, what you create in Tumult Hype is exactly what your viewers see in the browser.
  8. By using Tumult Hype’s intelligent layout guidelines, user can create pixel perfect content instantly.
  9. A rich inspector accompanies Tumult Hype’s canvas, letting you dive in and easily tweak every aspect of your content.
  10. When user exporting application, Tumult Hype automatically create an entirely self-contained directory that holds all the resources and JavaScript for your content.
  11. You can also upload content directly to Dropbox, letting you quickly share your new creations with just a few clicks.
  12. Flexibility
  13. Tumult Hype is totally written in Cocoa framework exclusively for Mac OS X. it has easy to use and intuitive User interface that help you to focus on creating great content.

Download : Tumult Hype