Turn your Mac into Windows – SuperSpeedBlazer

Turn your mac computer into windows with SuperSpeedBlazer (SSB). The fastest USB 3.1 supported dongle that allows you to boot up your favorite windows desktop into Mac.

The SSB USB comes with pre-installed Windows To Go on a stick and when plugged-in, turns any Mac and x86 PCs into native Windows 10 without Boot Camp.

So you can easily play windows specific games on your mac by supporting DirectX.

With providing support for 3.0 ports and above, it is now easy to copy games, movies, and all kinds of digital media content from SSB to your computer without any lag.

it gives you ultra-fast reading speed up to 1000 Mbps and writes speeds of 970 Mbps that is enough to copy 4GB Ultra HD movie from the SSB to your computer in just 5 seconds.

So no more disk space problem on your computer, save your disk space with SSB USB.

Features of SuperSpeedBlazer

  1. Install One window on Multiple devices
  2. Fast and easy to use – Better than external SSD
  3. BYOD – Built Your Own Device capable
  4. Convenient portability
  5. legacy support
  6. Boot Camp Support
  7. Saving your internal disk resources
  8. Native driver supports (PnP devices)
  9. Disk I/O speed
  10. DirectX support for gaming
  11. Easy plug and play
  12. Superb Stability
  13. Fastest reading and writing USB speed in the world
  14. Support for exFAT area for easy file sharing with macOS.

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