UberTags – Tag Management System for Website

UberTags is a tag management system that allow you to manage 3rd party tags. With UberTags, User can easily launch new tags anywhere on your site in minutes and stop chasing tagging problems.

The tags of the 3rd party including serving tags, analytics tags, tracking tags for conversion, live chat and widgets are provided in the best way by the UberTags.

Tagging pain is effectively solved by the UberTags that enables the management of all types of deployments tags through your own web browser. Also a single UberTag is placed across the site of yours.Tags are loaded asynchronously that speeds up the pace of your site.

With the passing of years tagging has grown out in the following way:

  1. The speed of sites are slowed down by the tags.
  2. Tags never tend to come down but are always paced at the top.
  3. The place of the location of tags are not known and it is not at all easy to even find them.
  4. Even a tag of just 5 minutes takes several months to release as they have to undergo through many cycles.

Placement of single UberTag effectively solves the pain of tagging by within your site, that enables the management of all deployments as well as all the tagging workflow through the browser of your. Your tags are provided with a holistic view that enables you to easily manage and set up.

It can be even used for tags of Google Analytics, Tracking of Adwords Conversion, Retargeting, Optimizer of Google Website, AdSense Ad Serving, live chat, Videos on the YouTube and many more.

Features of UberTags

  1. Easy to Setup : UberTag are placed at the footer of the page. UberTags works in the following way 
    • Across non-secure and secure pages
    • Across multiple sub-domains and domains

    Dynamic deployments of all the tags of yours are provided through the web browser of yours!

  2. Tag Management are Centralized : All the tags of yours are seen and managed at very one place
    • Know the placement of tags of yours.
    • Changes as well as deployment of tags can be done instantly.
    • Metadata can be captured as for the concerned person or the group of persons who enables the launching of the tags along-with its required purpose.
  3. An Account can be used by Multiple Users : An account is used by several users that enable them to the access of agencies and multiple users on the very same page. The track of the changes made is kept by UberTags.
  4. Tags can be placed in any part of the Page : Tags can be displayed uniquely on the screen by the Unique that includes several option including live chat, ads, video and widgets. Management of all the tags are provides irrespective of any particular tag. Even ads as well as video widgets can be added to the sidebar without any problem.
  5. Prioritization of the Order of Tag Firing Dynamically : Drag and drop method enables the prioritization of the important jobs to be loaded first.

Download : UberTags