UiUIKit – CSS framework to develop iPhone Web applications

UiUIKit (Universal iPhone UI Kit) is a CSS and HTML framework to develop iPhone web applications. Basically it’s a collection of HTML examples which done with CSS3 and Safari’s Webkit. With the help of this framework, user can develop fast prototype of any web apps with ease, such as :

  1. Headers
    • Simple Header
    • With Back Button
    • With Back and Action Button
    • With Pre Title
  2. Normal Lists
    • Simple standard iPhone list
    • Contact list (address book list example)
    • Icon list new! (settings list like with icons)
    • Content List (similar to YouTube app list, iCAL and others)
    • Metal list (similar to Clock app)
  3. Rounded Lists
    • Standard
    • With Content
  4. Plastic Lists (App Store like)
    • Mini banners
    • Big banners example
  5. Information Fields
    • Address Book Profile Example
  6. Image Lists
    • Loading Sprites example Lists
    • Image Lists
  7. Chat Interface Example
    • Chat Bubbles Example
    • Master Chat Bubble PSD Files
  8. Forms
    • Standard form in Apple interfaces
    • Error Fields
    • Small JS Mine to clear content on click
  9. Buttons
  • Buttons Panel
  • Buttons Example

The framework contain 1 stylesheet  and several HTML example and also provide original artwork so you can edit them in Adobe Photoshop CS and adapt it to your own projects. This iPhone UI Framework kit is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL 3).

Download : UiUIKit (Universal iPhone UI Kit)