Uploadingit – free file hosting website

Uploadingit is a site for hosting files for free. The users can upload files and share it with their friends and community members. With 10 GB storage space, one can upload So many types files including photos, videos, audios, documents and other .

Uploadingit is an easy to use file hosting site where the users can upload their files and can share it within their friends and community. This application is a fast way to import or export files of various formats.

Using Uploadingit, the users can upload so many types of file format like jpg, gif, bmp, jpeg, png, html, dot, htm, dotx, rss, info, zip, mp3, etc. Added to that, the users get 10 GB storage space and a daily bandwidth of 10 GB absolutely free. The application site enables the hot linking of photographs and images, which means the users can insert or upload images in any forum or website easily. Unlike other photo uploading sites, Uploadingit can upload multiple images and photos instantly.

It also allows to upload MP3 files without using any other application site. The interface is quite impressive and helps the users to navigate through the site quite effortlessly. Not only this, the control Panel of Uploadingit helps in providing an organized storage area where the users can store multiple files in each folder.

Features of Uploadingit

  1. Easy to use application site- The site is easy to use and its user friendly interface helps the users to keep stuffs organized in multiple folders.
  2. Share files in various formats and file types- Uploadingit is a unique application site where the users can upload and share files in various formats.
  3. Fast uploading- Unlike other photo uploaders, this application site not only uploads photos and images instantly, but also uploads MP3 files without using any other application site.
  4. Free storage space- Uploadingit provides a huge storage space of 10 GB and a daily bandwidth of 10 GB absolutely free.
  5. Easy to handle control panel- The control panel of Uploadingit is simple and easy to handle by the users. Users can easily access any tool or feature with a tap on the button.
  6. Can upload 200 MB at a time- Uploadingit can upload 200 MB of files at a time and while the file is uploading, they (users) can also see the uploading process.

The site, Uploadingit, can be one of the best free web hosting sites as far as the usability and functionality is concerned. However, there are few flaws in the site and areas to work upon.

Download : Uploadingit