Vcasmo – online multimedia presentation and sharing solution

Vcasmo is a online multimedia presentation and sharing solution for enhancing online presentations with audio and video footage, it’s a two in one device.

When it comes to demonstration of media related presentation that amalgamates diverse factors, this device is an advantageous one.

Vcasmo is completely indulged in the aspect of generating effective multimedia presentations. It has an array of effective features that is of great aid to its users.

With the help of Vcasmo, user can edit their Presentation as per their desire. You can also upload all your desired Presentations via your computer to the Vcasmo database, Flickr, Picasa or SmugMug accounts can also be utilized to import your presentation.

Again videos can also be incorporated in your collages by using the multimedia tools of Vcasmo. Vcasmo offers an extremely easy to use tool that allows you to maintain the aspect of all your picture arrangement or sequencing in a hassle-free manner.

Features of Vcasmo multimedia presentation solution

  1. Support Variety of file formats – The Vcasmo allows you to use a number of file formats. You can use any of the common audio, video, PPT, PDF, .jpg, .gif and various other file formats in your presentation.
  2. Synchronization – All the Slides of your presentation can be sync with music or video
  3. Simple editor – Vcasmo comes with an effective video editor that allows you to sync all your slide and arrange them in the timeline.
  4. Video seeking – One very significant feature of Vcasmo is that you can view any part of the video without downloading the complete video.
  5. Subtitle – if the video is composed in any other language then the user would have the complete ability of assigning subtitles to the video. The required subtitle will be stored as a .SRT file.
  6. Linkable slide – You will enjoy the benefit of linking your created slide with any other web page
  7. Blog – Add critique to complement your presentation.
  8. Permission control – This feature is of great importance as you can control the traffic to your created works. You can restrict it to friends or family only and at the same time you can leave it to be accessed by all. You will also have the benefit of password securing it.
  9. Set in your private blog – Incorporate the various created presentations in your blog or web page.
  10. Comment – Provide and obtain comments from the various users
  11. Add favorites – You can mark specific presentations as your favorite ones so that you can share them easily with your associates
  12. Offline version – You can download the presentations any time and save it in any of your external drives.

Download : Vcasmo