VFront – open source front-end for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases

VFront is an open source, dynamic, web based front end for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases written in PHP and JavaScript. With VFront, User can easily build simple Ajaxed powered web interface for managed your data in Ajax style.

it provide different rules and privileges for different groups, easily export your report in XML, HTML  and PDF format and also provide statistics to knows how much data you use. it’s an open source project released under GPL license (version 2.0).

features of VFront

  1. Useful Interface tool for companies, brands or organizations, which use MySQL or PostgreSQL databases.
  2. VFront as an interface tool for database, similar to MS access, but taking the lead with an easy access via web.VFront is not a database administration tool like phpMyAdmin and it’s not replacing it : interface is for basic user working on data.
  3. It’s specially deigned for non expert users capable to work safely on data using an intuitive graphic interface.
  4. VFront is useful when various and/or several users have to access to database using different privileges: a highly customizable system of groups and privileges makes access possible for various employed to specific tables or views, shows/hides specific fields, sets rules for input validation and keeps under control all the database activities.
  5. it has simple export data modules, statistics and report management based on xml, xsl and xsl-fo protocols.
  6. Support for Apache Web server 2.0, PHP 5.0 and perfectly work with MySQL 5.0, PostgreSQL 7.4 or 8.0

Website : Vfront Home page
Download : VFront